Australian Citizenship

Explore the significance citizenship holds for all Australians.


What does being an Australian citizen mean for your students?

Whether you are Australian by birth or by pledge, it is important to understand your rights and responsibilities as formal members of the community.

Discover more in the curriculum-linked educational resources for primary and secondary schools, I am Australian: Exploring Australian citizenship.

Online activities are suitable for interactive whiteboard display in the classroom.

Download printable student activity sheets and lesson ideas.


September 17 is Australian Citizenship Day.

Celebrate in your classroom, or at assembly, with an affirmation ceremony for all Australians.

The affirmation is a way to express pride and reflect on the meaning of Australian citizenship.

Australian citizenship affirmation

As an Australian citizen
I affirm my loyalty to Australia and its people
Whose democratic beliefs I share
Whose rights and liberties I respect
And whose laws I uphold and obey.

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