The Nolan Collection at Canberra Museum and Gallery

The Nolan Collection Gallery at CMAG exhibits iconic works of art by Australian artist Sidney Nolan. This important collection is explored through visual arts learning programmes available in the gallery and studio space, as outreach sessions in the classroom, or as online resources.

Ned Kelly’s in Town!
Years F–2
Where’s Ned? Find the figure that hides in the landscape and learn about the way Nolan uses shape, colour and texture. Inspired by the Kelly series, children will respond creatively using a variety of media in the CMAG studio. An engaging introduction to various art-making techniques. 

Year 3-6
Avaliable as an online resource or as an outreach kit for schools in the Canberra region. Students will use stop-motion animation techniques to engage with the paintings and stories in The Nolan Collection.

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